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Use of the Water Tower as a Signal Tower at NRHC

The Post Water Tower rises 166 feet above the Missoula valley near the Bitterroot River and Sleven's Island

From Water to Wireless

As the tallest human-made structure in the Missoula valley, the Post Water Tower has found new life in the wireless realm. Water no longer streams from the Water Tower, but data packets stream from microwaves it relays. The local Historic Preservation Review Commission granted approval for this change of use. Missoula gains a zero impact antenna while preserving its history.

Two communications campanies currently lease use of the tower for their broadcast equipment. Its clear line-of-sight down the Bitterrrot Valley allows the Water Tower to transmit wireless digital signals via transceiver for both DSL and cell phones. NRHC is open to new proposals for its use.

The Water Tower's unique features:

view of the water tower from its base

The Water Tower stands near the southern boundary of the Fort, near the Bitterroot River and Sleven's Island, as illustrated on the Fort Missoula map. The campus section provides more photos and history of the Water Tower.