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Short Term Leases for Events & Weddings at NRHC

The NRHC campus offers the community a broad range of short term uses for the Villa, Parade Grounds and Heritage Hall. The NRHC welcomes organizations or individuals engaged in cultural, historical or educational, or other civic activities. Community based organizations and non-profit entities are preferred, however non-profit status is not mandatory.

a tent on the parade grounds in preparati0n for a private event

Spaces Available for Short Term Use

Three main facilities currently provide short term use potential at NRHC. The Center is open to exploration of other uses and areas not listed.

NRHC is now taking reservations for weddings and other events in the former gymnasium, now renovated into Heritage Hall. Contact Ronnie by phone at 396-4750 to book your event.

Canopy set up behind Officers' Row

Use by community-serving and non-profit organizations benefits the public as well as providing revenue for the upkeep of the campus. The grounds are also available for lease for private events. Appropriate uses consider the public benefit according to the NRHC's 1993 Articles of Incorporation.