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Rental of Heritage Hall and the Parade Grounds at NRHC

The 2100 square foot Heritage Hall in T-2 has become popular for events and weddings. Heritage Hall is located in what was the former military gymnasium of the 1906 neo-classical building. The hall and the building's lower level rooms have all undergone extensive improvements to utility infrastructures plus exacting restoration of hardwood floors, tin-paneled ceilings and reconstruction of the Hall's finely-detailed balcony. Progress photos detail the Heritage Hall Project.

In addition to new restrooms, a dressing room, and a catering kitchen, the building's lower level also houses NRHC's display of the Svoboda historic Missoula photographs.

The Post Headquarter's portico
The portico of T-2. This entrance is reserved for the renters of the front suite. Heritage Hall users enter from the side door or the Parade Grounds door.
Auditorium seating arrangement
Partial view of Heritage Hall with auditorium configuration for a local military homecoming ceremony — seating for 200.
Heritage Hall deck and patio
Heritage Hall deck and patio -
Double doors extend the space onto the Parade Grounds.
The Svoboda Gallery
The Svoboda Gallery provides a meeting place within a Montana historic postcards display from the Svoboda collection.

Multi-Purpose Community Hall

NRHC has configured Heritage Hall so that it may adapt to a variety of uses, including auditorium type programs. The space is capable of accomodating small theater, art, music, and film events as well as public meetings, business forums and other private gatherings.

Heritage Hall is an ideal site for community activities and partnership programs. With its access to the Parade Grounds, Heritage Hall also lends itself to outdoor events. With its remodeling nearing completion, the auditorium and lawns offer a venue for all kinds of public and private events:

Rental Rules: Heritage Hall & Parade Grounds