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Rental Availability at Northern Rockies Heritage Center

Weddings & Events at Fort Missoula

NRHC offers large and small, indoor and outdoor venues for a broad range of personal and public events including weddings. Take a tour of our Weddings & Events venues.

The Northern Rockies Heritage Center was conceived as a series of different educational centers, studios or museums located in historic buildings at Fort Missoula. Officers' Row tenants ideally will be non-profit organizations. The NRHC believes that the synergism created by locating several organizations in one complex helps to assure the success of all involved.

Office Spaces

Eight buildings provide office space.

Artists' Studios, Workshops & Storage Space

The Carriage Houses, lower levels, and third floors provide adaptable rental "workshop," "studio," or storage space.

Water Tower

The historic fort Water Tower is available for lease for signal transmission.

For more information, please email: director@nrhc.org or call at (406) 728-3662.