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Projects to Restore Officers' Row Roofs at NRHC

Terra cotta roof tiles

Upper Roof Tiles Repaired with Exact Replicas

Many distinctive terra cotta roof tiles in Officers' Row were broken, allowing moisture to infiltrate the structures' interiors. The carriage houses behind Officers' row had received virtually no maintenance for decades, and most of these particular structures were approaching a state of irretrievable disintegration.

Building 32 with the staircase still attached

Progress Report: A $10,000 matching grant from the Montana State Historic Preservation Office, awarded in mid-2001, funded a complete repair of Row Residence upper terra cotta roofs, and a start-up repair of the front porch roof on Building-32.

Restoration of the remaining front porch roofs, pre-1929 balconies, and Row window shutters is occuring in phases as grants and capital improvement funds are allocated. All four carriage houses were restored in 2003. Interior remodelling continues to adapt them for tenant uses.