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Carriage Houses Renovation Projects at NRHC

New roof for a carriage house.

Four carriage houses sit under tall elms on the private road behind the former officers' residences. Their rear windows overlook a green belt of open land with a vista to the south end of Missoula and to the mountains beyond. These buildings are experiencing renaissance as quiet studio space and workshops.

Refurbishing the carriage houses has required everything from totally dismantling the structures to completely replacing the roofing. Major refurbishment has been done on the quadruple bay structures. Red composition shingles are replacing the weathered roof on the single bay garage.

And that's just the outside. Stripped to the original beams, the interiors are then insulated and finished. The bigger ones are divided into interior double bays of about 400 square feet each. The only single bay is G-3 with about 200 square feet of interior space. Some creative décor transformed one unit into a charming artist's studio.

Next year's vision includes landscaping the exteriors of all the carriage houses with adjacent shrub and flower gardens and brick paths to doorways. Decorative exterior trim moldings and antique exterior lighting fixtures will provide the finishing touches.

green belt behind the carriage houses
Acres of green and miles of vista wrap around the backs of the carriage houses