T-2 with Officers' Row in the background 2003
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Proposal to Acquire T-1 at NRHC

Building T-1
Building T-1 with the roof of T-2 barely visible behind it.

In a project parallel with the renovation of T-2 as a community center, NRHC is working to acquire the immediately adjacent building T-1. Late in 2003 NRHC won official endorsement from the Montana State Historic Preservation Office for its plan to acquire from the U.S. Forest Service Building T-1, an 11,000 square foot Historic Register structure in good repair. Building T-1 is now temporarily occupied on a special short-term USFS lease by two federal law enforcement agencies.

T-1's acquisition by NRHC will be pursued with especial diligence, since its addition to the Center's campus would dramatically increase both NRHC's non-profit programming options, while likely generating added in-house revenues for further acquisition, historic preservation, and re-use of other Fort Missoula properties.

Buildings T-1 and T-2 aerial view shows them side by side
Buildings T-1 and T-2

T-1's 11,000 SF of office and meeting spaces would be readily rentable [with minimal up front remodeling costs] to a diverse array of NPOs, civic groups, writers, artists, and possibly to low-visibility, for-profit endeavors engaged in educational, tourist-destination, or other NRHC charter-conforming purposes. Since T-1's acquisition and uses would be exempt from the restrictions placed on the original campus deed granted to NRHC by the U.S. government in 1993, NRHC's leasing options in T-1 may need only to conform to the more-flexible Historic District zoning regulations, for the revenue-generation uses envisioned.