T-2 with Officers' Row in the background 2003
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T-2 & Heritage Hall Renovation Photos

New Svoboda Room

The Svoboda Room before renovation, destined to exhibit the Postcard Collection
The old ceiling is stripped and the hanging pipes are eliminated
The walls and ceiling are refurbished in the Svoboda Room

The new Svoboda Room undergoes refurbishment in preparation for an exhibit of Missoula images from the Svoboda Montana Picture Postcard Collection.

Postcard reproductions and Stan Cohen images on display
Preview of postcard reproductions in the new Svoboda room

The new Svoboda Room setup with postcard reproductions from the Robert A. Svoboda Collection in preparation for an exhibit of Missoula images.

Front Exterior of T-2

The T-2 front entrance with missing vent in eave
The T-2 front entrance gets a new light
The T-2 front entrance with its new light and restored ventilation grill

Left: T-2 front. Center/Right: New period-style pendant lamp installed under T-2 front portico and vent cover replaced.