T-2 with Officers' Row in the background 2003
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T-2 & Heritage Hall Renovation Photos

Drapery and Furniture

Auditorium seating arrangement rehearsal
Gold brocade and antique blue satin - drapery fabric
New drapes line the hall

Left: Partial view of Heritage Hall with auditorium configuration for a local military homecoming ceremony — seating for 200.

Center and right: Gold brocade and antique blue satin drapes hang from the tall windows along the Heritage Hall walls.

Downstairs Hallway in T-2

The T-2 downstairs hallway before renovation
The T-2 downstairs hallway during renovation
Vinyl tile pattern throughout the hallway and lavatories

The hallway to the lavatories, kitchen, and Svoboda room gets a makeover. Before: left photo; after: middle and right photos.

Kitchen Construction

NRHC board members survey the newly framed kitchen
Cabinets and flooring are installed in the new Heritage Hall kitchen
Heritage Hall kitchen in T-2

Modern cabinets and flooring transform barren storage into a bright kitchen for Heritage Hall.