T-2 with Officers' Row in the background 2003
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Heritage Hall Progress Photos

Heritage Hall Balcony

The original balcony in T-2
The original balcony in T-2
The original balcony in T-2

The balcony in its original spartan form.

Balcony Makeover

View down the stairs from the refurbished balcony
The balcony face lift
Transformed balcony above the refinished ballroom floor in Heritage Hall

The finely-detailed balcony transformed from its original homely functionality [above photos] to a stately overview.

From Gymnasium Floor to Ballroom Reflections

The T-2 gymnasiumm floor in need of refinishing
Work underway stripping the gymnasium floor
Freshly sanded hardwood floor to be refinished

The former officers' gymnasium court metamorphosing into a reflective hall floor.


Polished expanse of refinished hardwood floor
Brocade padded folding chairs and folding table for banquets
Test of table and chairs - background cotout for new door

Left: refinished ballroom floor. Center: The first shipment of banquet furniture arrives (200 chairs, 40 tables); drapes are hung; the cutout for the new door.