T-2 with Officers' Row in the background 2003
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Heritage Hall Progress Photos

Ceiling Restoration

Hundreds of dents in the tin ceiling tiles needed to be repaired one tile at a time
a contractor removes and repairs embossed tin ceiling tiles
Brightly painted and restored tin embossed ceiling tiles span the 18 foot-high ceiling

Hundreds of dents were removed from Heritage Hall's embossed tin ceiling tiles, one at a time.

Interior Walls Stripped and Rebuilt

The lath and plaster wall were removed to allow insulation, wiring, and heating installation
Carpenters work on the system that will be hidden in the walls
Cream and gold finished walls set the stage for window treatments

Lath and plaster walls were removed for wiring and insulation, renovation and new wall coverings.

Period Style Lighting

Utilitarian gymnasium lights and old radiators in the gymnasium before renovation
Period style hanging light fixtures and double sconces add elegance to Heritage Hall

Hanging fixtures and wall sconces [middle and right photos] now grace the hall in place of utilitarian gymnasium lights [left photo]. Dimmer switches operate lights and fans.