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NRHC Projects

Remove exterior staircases
Restore porches
Remove aged trees
Repave the street

The NRHC has accomplished many goals in its ongoing mission to preserve the campus.

The Goals [Click to view goals]

  • To preserve entrusted properties;
  • To adapt entrusted properties (while preserving their integrity) to meet current community needs;
  • To establish an environment fostering historic, cultural and educational enrichment.

The Objectives [Click to view objectives]

  • To acquire, restore and reuse remaining adjacent properties;
  • To provide and administer historic rental accommodations for nonprofit organizations, particularly those collecting, preserving and interpreting the cultural and natural history of the Northern Rockies;
  • To create an on-site visitor's destination and Conference Center;
  • And to conduct NRHC programs and sponsor partnership programs.

Current Projects

Ongoing Capital Projects Include:

Past Capital Projects

These are some of the projects accomplished to attain those goals and objectives:

Projects Planned: