The Parade Ground, Officers' Row, Forest Service buildings, T-2 out of sight on the right
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Historic Photos of Fort Missoula

Officers' Quarters and Barracks at Fort Missoula 1915

1915 view of the parade ground flanked by the officers' quarters and the barracks

The officers' quarters and barracks stand out clearly in this 1915 photo of Fort Missoula's parade ground. Compare it to the tree lined 2003 vista at the top. Vintage photo courtesy of the K. Ross Toole Archives from the Mike and Maureen Mansfield Library at The University of Montana.

Missoula's First Aviation Event

Eugene Ely took off in his Curtiss biplane on June 28, 1911 from the ballpark at Fort Missoula, the city's first aviation event. The just-completed Officers' Row at Fort Missoula appears in the background.

The Missoulian provided full coverage of Ely's historic aviation in Missoula.

1911 black and white photo of a Curtiss biplane
Photo courtesy of UM Mansfield Library. [enlargement]

25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

The 25th Infantry U.S. Army Bicycle Corps. stands in formation beside their bicycles at Fort Missoula in 1896. Lt. James A. Moss led the company of black soldiers on an 800-mile test run of an iron alternative to horses for transportation. Color photo and more on this event.»

25th Infantry black bicycle corps at Fort Missoula in formation beside their bicycles [unidentifed collection Mansfield Library]
Photo courtesy of UM Mansfield Library.

Officers' Quarters & Barracks
Seen from blue Mountain

A view from Blue Mountain of Officers' Row and the barracks at Fort Missoula reveals a wide open valley. Photo courtesy of UM Mansfield Library.

black and white early photo of view of Officers' Row from blue Mountain [#94-4504, K.D. Swan collection
K. Ross Toole Archives UM]