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Tree Memorials to Support the Northern Rockies Heritage Center

newly planted memorial tree
trees curve around Officers' Row

How can you help?

NRHC invites estate bequests and memorials to help carry on the campus preservation.

Elegant tree-lined roads distinguish the NRHC campus. New trees are being planted along the streets in rows close to older trees which need replacement. You may honor a special event such as a wedding, birth, anniversary, holiday, or the passing of a loved one or family pet by dedicating a tree as a living remembrance. A tree makes an enduring gift.

NRHC will plant an appropriate memorial tree species, maintain it, and mark it with a dedicatory brass plaque in honor of your occasion.

To arrange a tree memorial, print the tree memorial application form and send it to NRHC.

an oak memorial tree
brass tree memorial plaque dedicated to Roy E. Lee and Roy E. Lee II
brass tree memorial plaque dedicated to Betsy Cass
brass tree memorial plaque dedicated to Becky Cass
brass tree memorial plaque dedicated to Ginny and Brian Cass

A young oak in the fall in front of the Villa displays a brass plate at its base in honor of a relative of a NRHC supporter [photo left].

These are a few examples of the brass plaques in front of memorial trees.