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Nez Perce monument at entrance to Fort Missoula

Nez Perce War Memorial at Post Siding Road and Fort Road.

Memorials at at the NRHC

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Nez Perce

The Northern Rockies Heritage Center and Fort Missoula constitute an outdoor museum honoring the history of the area. The Nez Perce memorial is the first monumment you see when you enter the Fort on Fort Missoula Road.

Johnson and Foster Buildings

On the NRHC campus, plaques dedicate buildings T-2 and B-30 to Generals Walter M. Johnson and M. Y. "Bo" Foster, respectively.

Bo Foster dedication plaque for building B-30
The former Commanding Officers' Quarters, B-30, is dedicated to General "Bo" Foster. The text of the "Bo" Foster plaque.
General Walter M. Johnson dedication plaque for building T-2
The former Post Headquarters, T-2, is dedicated to General Walter M. Johnson. The text of the Walter M. Johnson Foster plaque.

Tree Memorials

Throughout the NRHC campus, young trees replace old failing ones and carry on the theme of tree lined streets, courtesy of NRHC supporters. Plaques at the base of each tree mark each dedicated tree memorial.