Directions to NRHC Buildings at Fort Missoula

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Directions to NRHC Buildings

Directional sign in Fort Missoula Map at NRHC Parade Ground

Officers' Row is 1 mile south of Reserve Street by way of Fort Missoula Road. Look for this directional sign [enlarged below].

Fort Missoula Road ends at the Parade Grounds grassy oval where a large white NRHC campus directional sign points left towards HERITAGE HALL and right towards OFFICERS' ROW.

If Traveling South on Reserve Street

If traveling south on Reserve Street, turn right onto Fort Missoula Road a block east of South Avenue after the National Guard building and armored military vehicle.

If Traveling North on Reserve Street

Or, if traveling north on Reserve Street, turn left onto South Avenue [head south] and jog to Fort Missoula Road by turning left onto Old Fort Road and then right onto Fort Missoula Road.

Large directional sign in Fort Missoula Map at NRHC Parade Ground

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