Contact Information and Directions to NRHC Buildings

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Address at Fort Missoula

Northern Rockies Heritage Center
30 Fort Missoula Rd.
Missoula MT 59804
FAX:  406-542-0601
Bookings: (406) 396-4750

Email the NRHC: director@nrhc.org

Mailing Address

Northern Rockies Heritage Center
PO Box 1884
Missoula MT 59806-1884

Fort Missoula Map — Northern Rockies Heritage Center

The Fort Missoula map below shows NRHC buildings on campus colored red.

Fort Missoula Map with NRHC buildings coded red

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Map to NRHC at Fort Missoula

Map to NRHC at Fort Missoula

Directions to NRHC Buildings at Fort Missoula