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The Water Tower

The Fort Missoula Water Tower on the NRHC Campus

the water tower

The Water Tower stands 166 feet high in an undeveloped southern area of the Fort. During the Fort's use as a detention camp the Post Water Tower sported red and white checkerboard paint (see the 1942 Hewett barracks photos). The tower no longer operates as the Fort's water source.

The Fort with no walls always commanded a wide view of the surrounding area where buffalo roamed within its borders, easily imaginable in the open space around the Water Tower. One Fort Missoula soldier recorded that he shot a buffalo from his barracks window.

Because of the tower's vista of the Bitterroot valley it been leased to two microwave signal device companies with approval by the local Historic Preservation Review Commission. Other lease options are available.

the water tower is visible from most Fort vantages and miles away

The CCC Road entrance to Fort Missoula presents a wide panorama from behind Officers' Row across to the water tower rising above the trees. This tower landmark is visible from most of the Fort and miles away. It must have prominantly punctuated the skyline before all the fort's trees took command.